Digital space for clinics

Adore Digital | 3 January 2023

The private healthcare market is where the competition is firsthand. On average, more than 20% of the world's population uses Internet searches to check symptoms online.

92% of users access the Internet via mobile devices. Agree, it's a large audience of potential customers, and it begs the question - how well is our clinic represented online, and how well is our website accessible in the mobile version?

Lack of online promotion of the clinic website will harm sales and reputation and not bring the right information to patients about the services and benefits of the clinic.

Digital promotion, and why is it so important for the clinic? 

If before people were choosing doctors based on friends' recommendations, now people are looking for medical information on the Internet. As a famous joke says - if you want to hide something well, it is better to hide it on the second page of the Google search because almost no one opens it.

Check - can you find your clinic at the top of google searches?

Search engine promotion of IVF clinics in the marketplace is one of the most reliable and measurable advertising channels. Unlike users who see a street ad, contextual ad, or promotional post, people who google "IVF Clinic Europe" or "fertility clinic in Europe" already need your services. Each visitor who clicks on the link and fills out an application becomes a lead - 90% of the sales work is done

What is a lead?

By leads, we mean users who have shown interest in a product or service. For example, called the company or made a subscription to its newsletter. Leads that are "warm", and already located to buy audience, as they give their contacts. Therefore leads can be contacted directly: through social networks, sms or email newsletters, notifications in applications, and calls. A patient lead is the first visit to your clinic!

What is lead generation, and who needs it?

Lead generation is attracting and gathering leads, finding a customer's interest, and encouraging them to buy. Firstly marketers study the target audience and make a portrait of the potential client. Then they form a plan for lead generation. The consumer is actively interested in the product: for example, by searching for queries on the Internet.

Adore Digital Marketing Agency focuses on Health and beauty digital marketing solutions. We will develop an innovative and result-oriented digital marketing strategy to grow your local and international patient flow. Engaging with patients in social media, running efficient and measurable digital ads, improving organic search results, and creating innovative solutions with AI and augmented reality will help your business stand out from competitors and add additional value to your brand.

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