SERPs and why IVF clinics need to use Google ads

Adore Digital | 6 January 2023

SERP is an acronym for "search engine retrieval page." It is a web page generated by a search engine in response to the user's query. The abbreviation SERP stands for search engine results page. These results are links with details on the topic of the user query.

The elements of SERP are:

Specific search engine algorithms influence search results, and that's where the ranking comes from:

Search engine promotion consists of following:


Paid search engine advertising is still the most targeted way to attract new patients to your fertility clinic. Many people research fertility issues online before seeing a specialist. About 70 percent of Internet users use Google to search. If you want to find the most potential new patients, paid advertising is the best tool. It targets ONLY those actively searching for fertility or IVF treatments, and you only pay when they click on your ads. Patients are actively researching IVF and infertility treatments, so the search volume for these terms is very high.

Essential advertising tips for searching for infertility treatments include:

Even if patients are widely researching clinics or fertility treatments, paid traffic will bring targeted patients to your site. "Adore Digital" marketing agency offers you a one-time contextual advertising setup and the conduct of "turnkey" campaigns.
Our experts will conduct marketing research to understand your business and region's specifics to offer the most effective solutions and strategies.


  • Only the necessary solutions for your business. We are not for quantity but for quality.
  • Website audit on usability.
  • Qualitative tuning and optimization of the campaigns.
  • Stable growth of campaign results.
  • CTR of companies above 9%, low CPC.
  • Continuous analysis of campaigns and search queries.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Monthly performance reports and plans to improve and increase results.
  • Access to the Cabinet and Google analytics.

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