Adore Digital | 17 January 2023
PR campaign:
Running a petition for State funded Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Program

Since 2009 the National Health Service Republic of Latvia has significantly reduced funding for post mastectomy breast reconstruction. Both medical professionals and patients’ organizations  has been advocating for the restoring of the breast reconstruction program. Latvian women, after breast mastectomy, facing emotional, psychological, and physical problems – like depression, insecurity, anxiety about their femininity - had little to no chance in most of the cases for a quality life post mastectomy. Anxiety in public places, such as a pool or a beach, accompanied by back pain kept traumatizing the women who experienced mastectomy.

Our agency's customer, the Microsurgery Centre of Latvia, is a highly reputable and recognizable organization that provides reconstructive, microsurgery and aesthetic surgery services for patients from the Baltic States and Europe. One of the key services that the clinic offers is a breast reconstruction surgery. The surgeons of the Centre are among the few in the country and the region, who can reconstruct breasts, not only using implants but also using the patient's tissues, such as rotated or free flaps.

In 2020 on its 35th anniversary, the clinic supported the women community by organizing a charity campaign for breast reconstruction of 7 women in Latvia free of charge.

The task for our agency was to launch a PR campaign and gather applications for a selection of applicants suitable for the surgery based on their health condition and medical record. In 30 days, the total number of applicants reached 108.

The goal of the campaign was to draw public attention to the problem and initiate reaction from politicians about the necessity to restore the state program making breast reconstruction available.

The joint effort of the doctors, public organizations, mass media, the activity of the patients, , guided by our agency has reached its goal. 13 427 people have voted via the campaign for the petition on website. Since January 2022  the breast reconstruction program has been reestablished.

Total of 20 videos in three different languages with patients' stories, doctors' opinions, and 5 promo video clips were created for the campaign.  Adore Digital agency managed publications in press, radio and TV broadcasts hosting doctors and representatives from patients’ organizations. Together with NGOs, we held a round table with the Ombudsman of Latvia. Additional impact was made by digital advertising campaigns to collect votes in support of the petition to restart the state funded program.

The patients, doctors and community are grateful for our agency’s involvement and the efforts of our team contributed to the victorious outcome of the campaign.

Changing people's lives for the better, working with social PR campaigns created the feeling of professional and empathetic fulfillment.